Privacy Policy

This policy applies to W. Bevis Schock, Attorney at Law, (the Attorney).

Confidential Information includes:

  • All information about the attorney’s clients, including confidential communications, pedigree information, and financial and other records,
  • All information about the attorney’s employees’ pedigree and financial information,
  • The attorney’s thoughts and impressions about all his cases, and
  • The attorney’s own private financial information.

The Attorney collects confidential information as required by the reasonable needs of his practice.

The Attorney does not sell or share confidential information to any third parties to use for their own purposes. The Attorney does provide confidential information to certain third parties, such as printers and data analysis companies, as reasonably required by the needs of the Attorney’s practice.

Confidential information is distributed internally only on a “need to know” basis Breaches of privacy may occur in the following situations, among others;

  • Through discussions with other Attorneys and their employees,
  • By mixing up letters and envelopes,
  • By leaving papers exposed on office desks,
  • By providing information to impostors,
  • By having one’s laptop or desktop computer stolen,
  • By discussing confidential information with one’s family and friends, and/or
  • By discussing confidential information in a loud voice when others can hear.
  • Each employee of the attorney must agree to be bound by this policy.

Upon request the Attorney will provide to any client all the confidential information it has about that client.

The Attorney will promptly correct errors which come to his attention. The Attorney will attempt verify the authenticity of requests for information. The Attorney will comply with the laws which relate to privacy, and will also attempt to follow common sense on this subject.

The Attorney will maintain reasonable protective procedures such as locks, computer pass-codes, and disposal by shredding.

An employee aware of a breach must report it the Attorney. In the event of a breach the Attorney will notify each person whose information has been improperly released.

An employee’s duty to maintain confidentiality shall continue after termination. The Attorney will comply with court orders.

The Attorney will handle the Client's confidential information in the same manner as the Attorney handles his own confidential information.

Adopted by W. Bevis Schock, Attorney at Law, February 1, 2007